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In a world gone mad what can you do? 

I’m sending you a unicorn to inspire you!

In times like these (even on a normal day), we need to spread some love, magic, glitter and UNICORNS!

Maybe someone you know needs some encouragement. Or a little bit of love from you to them to let them know you’re thinking of them. A ‘sprinkle’ of happiness, perhaps? Then we have the gift for you; a Unigram!

Write an encouraging note to a friend (or foe), or simply someone special in you life.

We can deliver an encouraging message anonymously or with a signed note and a unicorn.

Each Unigram comes with a card and a personalised unicorn.

To let a special person in your life, know that they are awesome just like unicorns!

If unicorns are not the right gift, request what you’re looking for.