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Tina D the crazy chicken lady!


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Tuesdays & Fridays!

Stand up Comedy with Tina Dee

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Come on down and see me follow my other love - stand-up comedy!

Name  :

Tina Dudley

Stage name:

Tina D the crazy chicken lady or American Transplant


I am a female comedian.

Years of experience:

Its months 12 to be exact I have been a smart ass most my life.

My Bio:

I stated preforming in beauty pageants and modelling in New York when I was 14.

I was the Miss Teen Queen city and Miss American Dream girl.

 I modelled for 3 years till I got fat and couldn’t catch an eating disorder. I married a rich guy and spent all his money. Now I have to work.

 I started stand-up comedy last August 2019. I performed 4 nights a week pre covid 19.

At the Kensington Fun House, Strange and Co, Good Times Comedy Club. All in Christchurch.

I aspire to have a you tube channel filled with comedy based on my all the fun things that happen on my farm. I have a rooster named after my husband Kevin, who likes to simulate sex with ducks. So when I yell Kevin stop having sex the duck I wonder what my neighbours think?

I have a  regular gig on Manchester street at The Kenningston Fun House. Most Tuesday and Fridays.

Check out my comedy calendar for up coming gigs and events.

I am also available for bookings for your events - perhaps a Hen's Party, or Office Party!

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You can also check out my calendar to see where I will popping up around the place for stand-up comedy performances.