Kiwi Black Stocking

I moved to New Zealand 6 years ago for a short career break. Well we feel in love with New Zealand and my heart is here. I worked very hard to create some ornaments to send to friends overseas. After my Kiwi friends saw what I was making they wanted me to make some for them to send over seas. I started to show around my designs and the rest is history.


The boots can be personalised with names of places or people and the year. You can have what ever you want written on the ornament as long as it is rated “G”.


Decoration measures approx. 12cm high x 5cm wide



  • Since my ornaments are handmade, with love, each ornament will be slightly different from that pictured. (A unique ornament just for you!).
  • Product images not to scale

Kiwi Black Stocking