Gingerbread Boy

Our little gingerbread boy.


I made this little fella out of boredom one day. He is now I regular in my collection. One year a dad and his son were shopping and the  dad asked what ornament did he want? The little boy responded by saying he wanted the one with the grenade.


Well This Gingerbread boy is not holding a grenade, it is a Christmas ball. Suitable to have  name personalised on the ball or the hat.


The ball comes in blue, green or red. Please specify if the color ball is important to you.


These ornaments are great for class rooms or work mates.



  • Since my ornaments are handmade, with love, each ornament will be slightly different from that pictured. (A unique ornament just for you!).
  • Product images not to scale


Gingerbread Boy