Meet Tina

Owner, designer, maker and personaliser

of A Personalised Place

Tina Dudley - Head Elf

Hi, my name is Tina Dudley.  I started A Personalised Place over 19 years ago while living in Atlanta Georgia in the USA. I immigrated to New Zealand in 2005 and brought my passion for Christmas decorations with me. I have travelled the world and most recently lived for the last 3.5 years in Japan. I am back living in Christchurch New Zealand as of 2017.

I started this business with a love to be creative and to make gifts for friends and family that would survive the test of time. All the designs are my original designs. Each ornament has a name and a story on how I developed the ornament and how it fit into my life.

These ornaments are not just decorations but they are the story of my life. Each ornament was designed to represent a memory or milestone in my life or in a life of one of family members or one of my customers. All these ornaments have deep personal connections to me. I hope by purchasing an ornament from me that you will be reminded of a special memory or event or a loved one.

I hope you love these ornaments and make memories with me. This year I am adding some exciting new creations stay tuned and keep checking back for new product lines and adventures.

All The Best, 

Tina Dudley

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